Thanks To ALL For a Great Day!

It was a picture perfect day.  It was a day of laughs, spending time with great people, and celebrating James’.  I haven’t felt this good in 13 months. I can’t thank you enough for all your help, love and support.

Just to let you know, right after we came home, Anthony (James’ Dad) dropped a framed picture and the glass broke, slicing his leg.  He went to the emergency room and received 10 stitches.  Don’t think he even cares.  All he could talk about was the great event we had yesterday.

I wish I had the words to describe how much your participation in the foundation, events, and just being there for us means to both Anthony and myself. When I am having an exceptionally tough day I am going to think about the Golf Outing and all of our dear friends and relatives who are always here for us.  I know that will give me a lift.

Love and thanks to all!
Chris (James’ Mom)

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You Tube Video of the event:

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