We’d like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all our donors and sponsors.  Through your generosity and kindness, in addition to donating the new scoreboard to Jackson Memorial High School Baseball team, we were able to begin fulfilling our mission by providing financial support to several children and families in need.  Some of the things that we were able to do include (but not limited to) the following:
SADD – Students Against Destructive Decisions The James Volpe Foundation is proud to announce the start of the Jackson Memorial High School chapter of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions).  Through efforts of the Jackson Memorial High School administration and staff  led by the James Volpe Foundation which includes some funding, SADD; a student run organization with a teacher overseer, will give students another avenue to ward off potential harmful decisions through education and a series of events.  To learn more about SADD, go to: http://www.sadd.org/
Neural Activity In addition to all of our past contributions to the community, because of your generosity we are able to support organizations like Neural Activity. “True drug prevention is building confidence over fears”. Please take a moment to watch, and if you know of any teens in our area who want to be mentors please reach out to Neural Activity. Founded in Colorado, they are new to New Jersey where we need an organization like them. Click here for the video.  http://www.neuralactivity.org/


2011 (our inaugural year) –

  1.  $ 500.00 donation for Jackson youth to fulfill a dream through Make a Wish Foundation
  2.  $ 1,000.00 donations to families with financial hardships and/or bereaving the sudden loss of loved ones
  3.  $ 1,500.00 donation to youth boys baseball team members and girls cheer-leading with financial hardships enabling them to participate in travel team championship games and cheer-leading tournaments
  4.  $ 500.00 donation for local woman in need of rare medical treatment.
  5.  Donated New Baseball Score Board and its Construction to Jackson Memorial  High School


  1. $ 500.00 to local woman in need of rare medical treatment
  2. Donate Senior League field (Little League) Baseball Score Board to Holbrook Little League
  3. $ 1,000.00 to Holbrook Little League to help children (families) with financial hardships play rec baseball
  4. $ 1,000.00 to Jackson Little League to help children (families) with financial hardships play rec baseball
  5. $ 500.00 to Howell family after sudden loss of sole income provider facing financial hardship
  6. $ 1,000.00 to Middletown, NJ family whose son is in need of rare medical treatment not covered by insurance
  7. $ 500.00 to Warminster, PA Baseball and Soccer Association who’s facility burned down and lost all their equipment
  8. $ 500.00 to a woman in Fort Ashby, West Virgina who lost her entire family and belongings in devastating house fire
  9. $ 500.00 to bereavement group that helps those struggling to cope after a grave loss of a loved one
  10. $ 500.00 to Holbrook Little League to aid in the new start up of a Little League Girls Softball league
  11. $ 500.00 to St. Aloysius Church – Adopt A Family Program, that is institute at Christmas time to buy gifts for children of families in need
  12. $ 2,000.00 in donations to families with financial hardships due to Hurricane Sandy.
  13. $ 1,000.00 to the Jackson Chamber of Commerce to sponsor the “Adopt a Family” program where we helped adopt 4 families in need of assistance.
  14. $ 200.00 donation to a family bereaving the sudden loss of a loved one.
  15. $ 500.00 to a local family whose granddaughter is in need of medical treatment due to cancer.

2013 (Various amounts donated)

  1. Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation
  2. Jackson Memorial Band
  3. Donated various amounts to 15 Families experiencing hardships
  4. Support of Super Storm Sandy Victims
  5. Sponsor of the Children’s Cancer Awareness “Paint the Town Gold” Event
  6. Jackson Recreational Basketball Sponsor
  7. Sponsor of Jackson Memorial High School SADD program
  8. Future Sponsor of Jackson Liberty High School SADD Program
  9. Make a Wish Foundation
  10. Jackson Little League Hardship Registration Sponsor
  11. Holbrook Little League Hardship Registration Sponsor
  12. Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Center Sponsor
  13. Kean College Scholarship for an Incoming Freshman (In Memory of James Volpe)
  14. Jackson Chamber of Commerce “Adopt a Family” Program
  15. Public School 52 Scholarship (In Memory of James Volpe)
  16. St. Aloysius Church Adopt a Family Program


  1. $3,431.21 to the Neural Activity Program
  2. $2000 Donation to Holbrook Little League
  3. $1000 Donation Jackson Little League
  4. $1000 Donation Kean (Dance Marathon for Rehab for Children)
  5. $750 Donation Kean College for Baseball Hardship
  6. $150 Donation Holbrook for Hardship
  7. $200 Suicide Prevention Walk
  8. $250 Cancer Awareness Signs
  9. $300 Girls Softball Banner
  10. $1000 Chamber of Commerce-Adopt a Family
  11. $540 Donation – Family Hardship (medical)
  12. $500 Donation – Family Hardship (medical)
  13. $500 Donation – Family Hardship (medical)
  14. $500 Donation – Family (Family Hardship : mother passed left 3 children)

The James Volpe “Take a Lap – Heart and Soul Scholarship” Award (Donated Yearly to Numerous Recipients)

$1000.00 College Scholarships to two graduating Jackson Memorial High School Seniors

$1000.00 College Scholarships to two graduating Jackson Liberty High School Seniors

$1000.00 College Scholarship to Kean College

$100.00 Scholarship to a PS52 Student

See how successful our 1st Annual Sports Gear Drive and Giveaway event was on April 1, 2012 at:
We handed out (free of charge) to not only our community,  but also our surrounding communities the following:

  • 65 baseball bats
  • 26 baseball mitts
  • 8 batting helmets
  • 6 baseball equipment bags
  • 5 sets of catchers gear
  • 5 pairs of cleats
  • 4 pairs of batting gloves
  • 3 basketballs
  • 3 footballs
  • 2 soccer balls
  • 8 Misc sports items

The above doesn’t even include the 4 dozen + pieces of various sporting equipment we will be donating to the local YMCA. We wish all the recipients of this equipment all the best of luck and hope it’s enjoyed to it’s fullest.

This is only some of what we have been doing. We plan on doing so much more as our funds permit.   A big thank you to all who have made kind and generous donations to James Volpe Foundation. Without you, we could not do any of this!
James Volpe Foundation
James Volpe Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.